Drive referrals by sharing your phone number

A great way to grow your Subtext campaign is by asking your subscribers to share the number with their family and friends.

Why: We trust the opinions of our friends and family and often share interests with them..

What: A natural way for people to sign up for your campaign is by having them text a keyword to your phone number. You can find your numbers in the “Campaign” tab of your dashboard. You may see several numbers. Just pick one and stick with it for marketing purposes.

Now to the referrals: 

Every now and then, it’s a great idea to ask your existing audience to spread the word about your campaign by sharing the phone number with their friends/family. You can do a bi-monthly broadcast and persuade them with a promotional offer. If a subscriber confirms  their referral’s number, then simply verify that number is in your subscriber list and return the favor with a promotional offer to both parties. Click here for technical instructions on how to create a promo code for subscription campaigns. If you have a free campaign, you can consider promo offers on your other products or some swag.

Pro tip: Go ahead and schedule these broadcasts now. Schedule them for the next 3 months or so and then evaluate how well they’ve been working. 

Your marketing text should:

  1. Include something personal or anecdotal 
  2. Thank your audience for their support 
  3. Include a call to action — and the number they can share out 
  4. Let them know about any promotional offers

Sample reminder text:

Another idea: 

Update your welcome message to include a line like the one below encouraging people to share your service with their family and friends. i.e. Have your friends and family join us here by sharing this phone number. They can sign up by texting anything to XXX-XXX-XXXX.

There are lots of channels to market and grow your audience. For more ideas see (Module on Marketing Channels to Grow Subtext).