How to add your number and enable texting on your Instagram profile

You can now add your Subtext number to your professional Instagram profile, using valuable real estate to funnel more subscribers to your texting campaign.

First off, you need your Instagram to be a professional account. Check out how to do that here.

Then head over to “Edit Profile” on your account page. See image.

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Select “Contact Options” under Public Business Information.

Add your phone number next to the cell phone icon. Ensure you select “Text” — not “Call” — from the dropdown under the phone number field.

Remove your business email as well, otherwise it will appear over your phone number on your profile page.

Hit Save.

Now, your users can now hit “Text” on your profile to reach you. Once they text you, they will receive an auto reply with a link to your Subtext campaign, so they can complete the sign up process.

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