How to send a Contact or "vCard" in a broadcast

Nudge your subscribers to save it so they always know who is texting them.

When people first sign up to your text campaign a contact card is sent to their phone. Ideally subscribers save your contact card (also known as vCard or .vcf) to their phone for a few reasons:

  1. Subscribers won’t have to guess who the message is from if your number is saved to their phone. We don’t want them to question whether your message is spam.
  2. No matter which of your numbers your text is sent from, the messages should show up in the same text window if the numbers are saved under the same contact card.
  3. They’ll be able to easily find you in their contacts to send you a quick message/question rather then search through old texts for your number.
  4. The contact card has your other contact info (ie email, if opted in), Subtext’s customer service information and instructions on how to opt out of the texts. All this information gives the service credibility and builds trust with your subscribers.

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Now that we know why we should share our contact cards, let’s explain how to send them to your subscribers:

Reminder: All new subscribers receive a contact card (also known as vCard or .vcf) when they sign up and receive the welcome message for your campaign.

Given your campaign now has multiple numbers associated, it’s a good idea to resend your contact card to all subscribers so they can take this chance to save it, if they did not the first time or were never given the option.

Vcard Attach

So head to your broadcast editor, as pictured in the image. You will see a red arrow pointing to a the vcard icon. Simply click the icon once and you will see the vcard populate the top part of your broadcast composer. This confirms that its been attached and will be sent along with the broadcast.

Vcard Attach1

 You don’t need to do this on every broadcast, but you might want to send reminders here and there to your subs, in case they missed it a previous time.

Here’s some sample text for when you send your broadcast with the contact card:

Hey friends! I’m sending along my contact card so you can easily save my number(s) to your phone, so you always know it’s me when I text. You’ll notice in the contact card that I have multiple phone numbers. This assures my texts reach you ASAP. You’ll find other customer service info there as well, if ever needed.

If you want to edit your contact card, contact customer support! For more elements of Subtext that require customer support to enable, go here.