Use exclusive content to grow your audience

Like any membership or subscription, users want perks. Subtext is no different. One way to consider rewarding and growing your audience is with exclusive content.

One value proposition of joining a Subtext, especially one with a monthly subscription cost, is the feeling of being on the “inside” of a topic. Subtext is a place for exclusive content, insider information and extra subtext (pardon the pun). Here's a breakdown of how you can create an insider feeling or offer exclusive/breaking info either via text or using other methods if you want to offer more exclusive long-form content. Protip: Providing exclusive content can be more than a subscriber perk, it can also improve future content you will produce

The text:

A lot of hosts text the latest news/info to their Subtext subscribers first. Many Subtext campaigns are positioned as the go-to channel for “insider” or “overheard” info, which  makes subscribers feel like they’re getting their money’s worth just with the texts. This could be an exclusive news story or breaking news. It could be an article or video before it goes live to a general audience. All of this and more can make a text feel exclusive.

Use this for growth!

This does NOT mean you can’t later share this information on social media. You absolutely can. Once you've shared it with the Subtext audience, later on social you can point out that this is just a small example of the type of information you share to your Subtext audience first. From our experience, this drives new signups.

“Secret links”

If you need more real estate than the 640 characters of a text, try sharing your "exclusive" story via an unlisted link on Medium or YouTube. Then text out the link and let subscribers know the only way to find the story or watch the video is with the direct link. Not only will they feel special, but they may share this further to their friends/family. That’s 100% okay, because that secondary audience may want to subscribe and get future secret links. That’s why you should always include promotional material wherever secret link content is hosted.  


Another way to create a sense of exclusivity for a Subtext audience is to invite them to upcoming events (in person or digital), designed just for them. This gives them an opportunity to chat with you, and also to hear from other members of the community

Audience questions 

If you have a big interview or event coming up, let your audience know about it. What insight/questions/advice do they have for you? In addition to helping you prep, give your audience a post interview debrief, before the story or video is even out.