How to track your success on Subtext

Are you a metric-focused host who wants to track click through rates or digital conversions?

What: When getting started on Subtext, we encourage you two identify two things: 1) the value proposition of your campaign and 2) the metric you’ll use to track your success. We then work with you to ensure you’re reaching your goals for the platform. 

Why: We want to make sure you’re getting the most out of Subtext. We  value your time and money, or the money you’re trying to generate from the platform, so we’ve made it a priority to keep you up to date on your success. 

How: There are a few ways we/you can do this:

  1. Subtext analytics dashboard. You can see your subscriber count broken down by active subscribers and unsubscribed at any time on your dashboard. This is updating to keep you informed on subscriber count as well as your engagement rate, which we measure by averaging the number of replies over the number of broadcasts sent. You can look at overall averages of these metrics as well as the breakdown per day or per broadcast.
  2. Monthly growth reports. Our team will send a monthly growth report along with tips we think you’d benefit from based on your performance from the previous month. We will ensure you know how your current growth looks in comparison to your campaign’s historical data, sharing month over month figures in addition to highlights from big sign up days or weeks.
  3. Your internal analytics. There will likely be other metrics that you want to track on your own analytics dashboard. We will take a look at how our customer Newsday tracks conversions to digital subscribers on their website. One of Newsday’s main goals when they launched Subtext was to drive new digital subscribers to The team built a simple, yet effective tracker to understand which broadcasts were driving new digital subscribers as well as engagement.

This is how they track it. They built a spreadsheet that includes these metrics for every broadcast:

  • The click through rate, by using a UTM code on the link shared
  • Number of subscribers at time of broadcast
  • Unique views
  • Conversions to digital subscribers
  • Unsubscribes per broadcast
  • Responses to broadcast
  • Replies to messages received

They’ve used this data not only to track digital conversions, but to bring their audience more of the type of content that they respond to. If you want to access this tracking template, reach out to us!