What are some use cases for auto-reply?

Campaigns are built around the idea of enabling conversations with a specific host/group of hosts. Auto-replies can be used in a variety of ways to help reach your audience quickly and effectively. Here are some to consider:

1. Polling

Scenario: A podcast host wants to engage their Subtext audience and solicit opinions on what city he should visit on his next trip.

a. Create your automatic replies Poll2

b. Publish your broadcast with polling choicesPoll1

c. Subscribers POV


2. To provide confirmation to subscribers when they opt into a Tag

Scenario: A campaign sends out the following broadcast, which includes the specified keyword: crypto
  • Example prompt: If you’re interested in receiving more texts about cryptocurrencies, text back: crypto
  • Trigger: crypto
  • Automatic reply: Don’t panic, HODL! I’ll send you texts related to BTC, ETH and LTC with market-moving news, so stop checking the latest prices every minute on your phone and relax.

3. To communicate information about an event or provide a public service

Scenario: A political organization wants to provide information about local polling locations to their subscribers. 

  • Example prompt: "Just sending a quick text to inform you that the list of polling locations has been updated to correct some errors. Send a text back with your polling district number to make sure you go to the correct polling location on Thursday!"
  •  Trigger1
  • Automatic reply: "Here is a link to the updated list of polling locations for District 1:{LINK HERE}"