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What should your campaign be about?

If you’re at the start of your Subtext journey or maybe you want to expand with a new campaign, you may be wondering “what should my Subtext campaign be about?”

Pick a Model: The first thing to consider are your goals. Are you looking for audience engagement? A new incremental revenue stream? Website traffic? Audience retention? At Subtext we have three types of campaigns and pricing models.

Pick a focus: What will your campaign be about? It’s important to identify the angle of your prospective campaign. 

Things to consider: 

  • Some campaigns are brand centric and some are personality driven. Is the campaign about who you are and what you care about? Will the audience know you by name or brand?
  • What is the value proposition of your campaign? Will you be providing a service? Daily news updates? Information to make your subscribers’ day easier or content to lift them up? Think about what you will deliver your audience and keep in mind that individuals are likely to subscribe to receive unique analysis, ideas, and self help tips.
  • Is your campaign about a sports team? A lifestyle? A hobby? Whether your subject matter is cooking, tv or film, health and wellness, etc., subscribers flow in for topics they feel passionate about.
Identify your audience: Who is your ideal audience? Can you describe them in the abstract? Can you point to a few specific people that love your content already? Do these two match up? 

    What makes a good Subtext campaign:

    • A strong voice

    People aren’t just subscribing for the topic alone. They want your take on it. 

    • A good topic

    We cover this in the section above. There are lots of angles here. 

    • Something to text about

    What’s the latest, the news, or the extra help that your text can provide.

    Let’s Chat 

    We’ve got lots of Subtext campaigns that can work as examples and we’d love to show you. Feel free to reach out via Hello@joinSubtext.com