What to do after your onboarding call?

After your onboarding call, take a moment to subscribe to your campaign, this will help you understand the sign up process and user experience from verifying with a 4-digit code, to receiving your welcome message and contact card.

Then, run through this brief checklist: 

  1. Send a test broadcast to understand how your inbox works
  2. Reply to your broadcast
  3. Ask 3-5 coworkers, friends, or family to sign up
Questions to consider when strategizing your launch: 
  • What are your campaign goals and KPI’s?
  • What’s the value prop of your texts?
    • What will you deliver to your audience? 
    • Will you ask for their feedback, offer them recaps of local news, analysis, community, life skills etc?
  • Do you know what time of day you will send text messages?
    • How often do you plan on sending text messages?
  • Who will send the text messages?
    • Will the audience know them by name or by a brand?  The campaign description, welcome message and contact card should reflect this.
    • We recommend implementing a sign off on texts if managed by a group of people.