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What should I text when news/content is slow?

Sometimes you may be short on exciting things to text. While you don’t want to force a text to your audience, you also don’t want to go silent for too long. It’s all about finding a balance and making sure you’re adding value.

Tips On What To Do

  1. Be honest: It’s okay to acknowledge if there’s less happening around the topic you normally cover.  Recognizing that and letting your audience know that you’ll keep monitoring the situation can actually be a relief to them. Now they can continue with their day, knowing you’ll alert them if anything changes. People will appreciate the direct and honest approach. 
  2. Ask the audience: Texting is a two-way street and your audience can act as a  great source for content inspiration. What do they want to know about? What’s on their minds or catching their eyes?
  3. Try a game: You can pose a personal challenge to your audience or engage them with a subscriber-only contest or giveaway opportunity. Check out best practices on how to execute a contest via text here
  4. What’s in the weeds: There’s always something happening. Think about sports and how even during the “off-season” there’s usually something to talk about. People analyze the team structure, the new recruits, the contracts, the status of the new stadium, etc. What’s the equivalent of “off-season” topics for your focus?
Example: Joe Eskenazi, who covers SF politics, tends to text everyday,Monday-Friday.  Joe didn’t necessarily need to send the text below, but because he has a daily cadence and he knew he was going to be out the following day, he wanted to manage expectations by letting his subscribers know.