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What are "Sequences" and how to build them

Drip sequences let you send a series of text messages to subscribers based on their individual signup dates, so that all members receive the same experience and content when they first join a campaign.

With sequences hosts can configure a series of text messages that will be sent to subscribers at a fixed time interval (in days), relative to when they are sent an initial welcome message. Hosts may configure and save multiple different drip sequences, but only one can be active at any time. Drip sequences can be deactivated or terminated at any time. 

Use cases

  • An educational campaign wants to send a series of automated texts on a weekly basis containing that week’s syllabus.
  • A health and wellness campaign wants to send a series of pre-configured daily affirmations "Thirty days to a better night sleep."
  • An e-commerce campaign wants to incentivize new subscribers to check out new products by sending out automated texts containing a discount code every couple of weeks.

Creating Sequences

Within the Campaign tab, click on Sequences in the sidebar.

Click the plus button to create a new sequence.

Enter a sequence name and interval.

In the Automated Texts section, fill out Automated Text #1

Click Add New Text and repeat for the amount of texts desired in the sequence.

Once all texts are filled out, either click Save Draft to finish preparing the sequence without activating it, or Save and Activate Sequence to activate it now for all future subscribers.

Note: If another sequence is already active, you will be prompted with the option to Deactivate or Terminate the sequence. See here.



Check out the walk through video here;