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Do I have to respond to every inbound text?

The short answer is "no." By setting the right expectations and a few tricks, you'll be able to make subscribers feel engaged even if you don't respond to every inbound message.

Getting overwhelmed with inbound texts is a champagne problem. Congrats! That said, we understand how it might also create stress. The good news is there are ways to remain a good host while not responding to a majority of inbound texts. 

Acknowledge the inbound texts in your next broadcast. 

Here's a fun fact. The vast majority (90%) of people who are going to respond to a text will do so within the first hour of your broadcast. This gives you the opportunity to send a broadcast, wait an hour and then read the majority of responses that broadcast would elicit. 

From there you can get a sense of the replies, maybe pick out a few great examples, and then send another broadcast out to the whole community inspired by the replies. 

"Hey everyone. I loved all your responses. A bunch of you asked about how I would handle the situation. Well, here's my answer......" 

What we have found: People mostly want to know that their texts aren't going into a blackhole. If you acknowledge the responses and signal that you're reading them, then most people are okay if they don't get 1-to-1 responses. 

Of course sending a 1-to-1 response can make somebody's day, but you aren't obligated. This leads to our second tip.

Set the right expectations

Some Subtext campaigns are more like push notifications. They take advantage of text as an immediate medium, free of algorithms and clutter. They don't take advantage of its two-way connection. As long as they set this expectation through the welcome message and the tone of the broadcasts, people catch on very quick. Other campaigns lean heavily into texting as a two-way medium. However much you decide to lean one way or the other - the important thing is to find ways to signal that to the audience. Setting expectations can do a lot to mitigate disappointment. 

Use Templates

If you get a certain question a lot, you can use templates to answer them with the click of a button. More on how to use templates here.