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How to use tentpole events to grow your text audience

Scale your audience through promoting and implementing live coverage

Tentpole events are a good way to test out texting with your audience, draw on heightened interest to scale your audience and create a dedicated window of time to engage with them. Here's how you leverage them for growth.

1.Define your audience:

Typically, Subtext subscribers start flowing in for insights on major events and/or breaking news. Identify the subject matters that your audience is most interested in, then create opportunities to leverage these interests.  

2.Promote and set expectations: 

Leverage your channels with the most following and promote your event coverage 5-7 days ahead of time. We always recommend a cross-platform content strategy inclusive of text messages, social media posts, newsletter deployments, or all of the above.

3. Ask subscriber opinions during the event and reply to their questions in broadcast form:

Your subscribers don’t want to feel like they are texting into a blackhole. Even if you can’t respond to everyone individually, responding to FAQ’s in a separate broadcast is a great way to let everyone know that you’re reading the messages coming in, and you hear them. Bonus: Find out what’s on people’s minds and use that information to drive future content.

4. Offer elements for continued engagement:

Show your subscribers you value their opinions by offering interactive opportunities to weigh in.

Example Campaign: USA Today