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Can I set up a referral program?

Here's how to implement a referral program 

  1. Create a one time promotion code for use only by the referrer.
  2. Create a promotion that the referrer can use to help gain new subscribers.
    1. Note, you can put a cap on the number uses per referral code. For example, you mention that once a subscriber referrers 10 people they get 30% off of their subscription. You can put a cap of 10 on each referrer so you know when they've met that requirement.
  3. Communicate via 1:1 to your potential referrers that they would receive a discount on their subscription if they meet a certain referral quota (which should match the redemption limit set on the promotion in #2 above). 
  4. You will then share the referral promo code url with the referrer, which can be found on your dashboard.
  5. Once the promo redemption limit is reached, you would provide the referrer their unique promo code (step #1) to redeem their promotion.
Not sure how to create a promo code? Click here 

Existing Subscriber

This method is effective if you want to incentivize your current audience.
  1. Send out a broadcast to all of your current subscribers announcing your referral program. In this broadcast you will share the specified keyword referrals will use in their reply back to join the program.
  2. Once the keyword replies start rolling in, you will then create and share the unique promo code with the participant - this would be a 1:1 conversation. 
  3. After that is completed you will send a segmented broadcast to program referrers, with their promo codes specified as keywords and instructing them to let potential referrals know that they will need to send a text with the referral code once they subscribe so that the referrer can be credited with the referral. 
    1. When a referral subscribes to your campaign, they would text the referral code and be tagged. You could then tailor content in future segmented broadcasts to those referrals.