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What makes a good welcome message?

When people sign up to your Subtext campaign they are immediately texted a welcome message. The welcome message is your first impression. It’s a great way to set expectations and the tone of your channel.

Tips for an effective welcome message: 

  1. Your welcome message should be friendly and set expectations. What is this texting channel about? How often will you text? Who is sending these texts? Here’s where you can set the table for future communications. 
  2. Consider adding a line at  the end of your welcome message encouraging new subscribers to save your  contact card so in the future they’ll always know it’s you. 
  3. The welcome message is a good opportunity to feel out your audience.. Incorporate questions such as “what do you want to know from me” or “what’s your name.” This is a great way to break the ice. 
  4. Your welcome message can always be modified, so don’t hesitate to contact the Subtext support staff with changes or edits. (For more elements of Subtext that require customer support to enable, go here).

Your welcome message can also include "keywords." 

Keywords are special words that users can text back that tag the user into specific groups that can receive texts that might not go to the whole audience. For example in addition to the above a welcome message might add something like "I also text on game days, but only if you want. So text back GAME DAY and you'll be opted in to receive texts on game days!"

Note: A keyword must exist before we add it to your welcome message. So check out our article on how to send create keywords and send segmented broadcast. Then if you have a keyword you want added to the welcome message, contact us and we will make it happen!